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Tom Nichols Excavating - Leading the Industry for 25 Years

Tom Nichols Excavating founded, by Harry (Tom) Nichols, in 1976. Harry Nichols began with his two sons, Thomas and Charles. The size of the company consisted of 3 employees and 1 tractor. Incorporated in 1977, and then in 1986 Tom and Charlie became the owners of the company after purchasing the company from their father.

With big ideas in mind, Tom Nichols Excavating, Inc. serviced the entire Metropolitan valley and even expanded into Nevada for a few years. In 2003, Tom Nichols Excavating decided to bring in a new division. specializing in site-preparation. Since then, Tom Nichols Excavating, Inc. is a very diverse excavating and grading company, capitalizing on the industry in Arizona.

Now more than 25 years later, Tom Nichols Excavating, Inc. operates with 100 employees, and 137 pieces of equipment--trucks, trailers and tractors. This more than qualifies Tom Nichols Excavating, Inc. as one of the largest excavation company in the Southwest in its trade. Tom Nichols Excavating, Inc. significant growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers.

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